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Please contact me if you can fill in any of the missing files from this site or have information on other groups or sites.
Lost files recovered.

NEWS: 4/19/2011  Possible lost files recovered??

More NEWS: 6/30/2011 
Helia returns.

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Collecting the Works of an Internet Legend
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      With Helia's February 2010 announced retirement from activity on the internet, it seems appropriate to collect her work, and let it speak for itself.

      In her years on the Internet, Helia earned a devoted following. She also encountered a few detractors.  (More about them later).

     I'm starting this website by piecing together incomplete fragments from the Internet Archives. I hope that fans, who have collected the missing files and other sites, will provide them for posting.         See contact info

   The Helia Melonowski story

          Helia Melonowski a/k/a the "Balloon Girl" began publishing on the Internet around 1998. Her stories center on her alter ego, Helia, who starts out with improbably large breasts (68 GG) and in most of the stories undergoes expansion to impossibly large breasts. Helia is first and foremost about fantasy, specifically, fantasies about enormous breasts and enlarging breasts.

     Helia, the author,
exploits the considerable sexual prowess of  Helia, the story character, to arouse her readers.

    Fantasy meets reality meets fantasy.

        She intensified the fantasy by suggesting to her readers that the Helia character is based on a real larger than life 42HH young woman. Her 2001 website heliam.nightsites.com, added pictures of this phenom. The same site reminds her readers that she is about  fantasy and invites the conclusion that these are fantasy pictures by mixing them with cartoons, morphs, and pictures of other women.

     In the preface to her "life story" she is introduced as a real "balloon girl" who can inflate various parts of her body.  She has answered questions about her inflation experiences.  

        MY PERSONAL BELIEF is that Helia IS in "reality" the 42 HH balloon girl, with a great sense of humor, hiding her extraordinary assets in plain sight behind fantasy Helia.  

    A message to Helia's detractors:

     To my knowledge, Helia has never profited from her stories, but published them and occasional accompanying pictures freely, for the entertainment of her readers.
       Helia has occasionally been accused of being "fake". 

   Guys, she is TELLING YOU that she is a fantasy. Don't complain if you believe her!    

       Let me leave the skeptics with a Steven Wright story:
       Last Sunday, I was watching footba
ll with my grandfather. We both cheered when our team scored a touchdown.  Grandpa cheered again two  minutes later. I was going to point out to him that he was seeing the replay, but I realized that he was watching a better game than I was.

    I have no interest in persuading anyone of my reality. If I'm wrong, leave me to enjoy my game.

     I thank Helia for sharing her  reality and wish her the best in her retirement.


 Helia Melonowski, Enormous Endowments
  Assorted images from Yahoo Groups and Blogs
   Sites that are essentially intact:
Helia Melonowski montage

    Helia stories hosted by inflate123  Originally at http://members.nbci.com/inflatedan/helia/helia.html
    Inflate123 hosted stories of the Balloon Girl, including the "real life story" of the inflatable "balloon girl". A number of the stories are illustrated with larger than life models, many surgically and/or digitally enhanced, including possibly real pictures of Helia Melonowski.      

  WITH occasional IMAGES 
  The Valkyrie has probably the biggest collection of Helia stories. Some appeared elsewhere. If these stories originally had pictures (some did see **) they were not included.
Please contact me if you have any missing images to share OR if you would like  to contribute "Helia  style" (++) images.

     http://heliamelonowski.blogspot.com/ (still available March 2010)
   Helia recounts the issues of her special attributes. NOT for the skeptics.

Q&A hosted by Bodyinflation Originally at
Heliam "light"

       Sites under reconstruction:

   heliam.nighsites.com June 2001-January 2002 Originally at http://heliam.nightsites.com/ 
 More stories, reader comments and a picture page which included morphs, cartoons and  possibly the real Helia.  DOES ANYONE HAVE THESE


  Helia stories hosted by wrenspot
Originally at http://www.wren-spot.com/Authors/HeliaM/index.shtml

   These stories, written around the same time as the inflate123 stories, very likely also had  associated images.
Please contact me if you have any missing stories or images to share.


Your help wanted.

     If you are intersted in seeing the missing files from this page, please
 consider posting a link to  this site on any blog or group where an
 interested fan may find it

Please contact me if you can fill in any of the missing files from this site or have information on other groups or sites.
If you may have at one time downloaded the missing files from Helia's websites, you might relocate them  by searching your hard drive for the original file name:


        photo1.jpg through photo30.jpg



NEWS 7/1/2012:
The first contribution of lost photos:
Click on photos.


I recently found zip filed which may contain some of the  missing stories and images.
Please contact me if you can you open these:
new.zip  old.zip

Found 4/19/2011new61184.zip  old7993.zip

Found 4/16/2011new1778.zip  old4676k.zip
Found 4/18/2011




      Helia's new avatar More news


       See Helia's new blog.  http://herbigballoons.blogspot.com/     

   I'll leave it to Helia to tell  you about the joyful reasons her avatar

looks so tired.


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