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The new site is here!

It's been a while but my new site is finally here. It won't be the usual, sorry to say, but it will give you some info on me, up-to-date info, and also point you in the direction of new stories and other goodies.

Please note: I probably won't be posting a bunch of stories here but will give you links to where my stories are located. You can enjoy the "featured" story when it is available.

Send me a story

If you feel like writing a story about me or us or anything, feel free to send it. Make sure it's in a .rtf format or .txt. format so I can be sure to open it.

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Newest story: http://www.thevalkyrie.com/ladybumps/stories/misc3/appreciationday.txt


Little about me

Been considered the Balloon Girl since about 1996 and loving it. I'm 29 (sorry for the confusion. me and my fat fingers) and live in Buffalo, NY. I am 5-ft-6 and totally enjoy being a "bigger girl". Some day, in reality and in fantasy, I wish to be even larger.

Feel free to visit my BLOG at: http://heliamelonowski.blogspot.com/

You can email me at:


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