Helia Melonowski

Edited 04/15/01
Helia's works has appeared at the Body Inflation Homepage, Inflate123's Wacky World of Inflation, and she has even been a regular contributor to the R&D Newsletter.  She offers unique tales of her inflatable encounters wherever she goes, and I'm very happy and thankful to her for donating some of her original works to Wren Spot.  She was worried that they might be a little too hot, but hey, we're all adults here.  This is what we all wait 18 years to read, so everyone enjoy.  And when you're through, click here to visit other cool sites that help me maintain this archive of free high quality smut.
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Helia's Purging


The Third Wish The Big Feast
The Next Visit One for the Team
Female Lab Rat   **Missing** First Meeting
Helia and the Black Biker Gang The Séance  **Missing**
Weekend Trip Part 1 Mexico Trip 2 – Part 2
Helia's Visit to Hunnybear ++ Something Big:  Helia's Logjam  ++
Helia by the Pool Helia's Huge Predicament Part 4
The Birthday Night Mexico Trip
UDDER BABE Family Gathering 2
JAMMIN' Thought Provoking Growth
++ Uncompressed Depression ++
Small Miracles



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